Dear Panda Lovers!

In this period, when the market is going through challenging days, we continue to work hard in the background to turn this gloomy atmosphere into an advantage for PandaDex. In comparison, our developer team continues to develop PandaDex in the background and recreate some of the troublesome parts. We aim to create a resource that can provide data to different projects while optimizing our platform to work in the best way to serve the user with the work done in the background. We are going to have great surprises for SuperPanda Token holders ^^

We hope you like our new stickers ^^

It’s been 30…

Dear Panda Lovers!

We are stealth launched and live on beta now for 5 days. First, we shared the very first version with our Telegram Community. The reason for this is to check the PandaDEX connections and bugs. We are aiming bug-free and %100 correctly working product at the end. We see that this worked well as we found some crucial bugs along the way, which can only be found with high user numbers.

Our investors were testing the PandaDEX for the past 5 days and gave great feedback to improve our product. …

1- We listed Coinmarketcap! We entered the trending list on Coinmarketcap from the top

2- Coingecko is on the way. We already made the payment to the agency

3- Our holder number increase to 2000! 🎉

4- We are hiring a social media expert for the team for consistent posts across socials.

5- Our second SuperDrop! event finished, and we sent the winners coins to their wallets

6- We are making daily marketing meetings with the future promotions and events

7- Devs are working hard to finish the first version of Pandadex. You can see the updates below

Development Update…

Gorilla: Can you guys briefly explain a bit about yourself and what you backgrounds are?
SuperPanda Yes for sure, we were passionate investors on BSC. We always wanted to contribute to this network. But it took some time to find the best project option. When we found this idea, we immediately started to work for it! I’m an architect actually :)
MrPanda Hi, Im UX /Product designer working for global companies Im mostly experience in SAAS and startups. Long time crypto investor and designer

Gorilla: So can you briefly explain what PandaDex is or what it will be :)
MrPanda: Pandadex…

1- Our software team managed to extract and filter the first datas, but we are having some issues with disruptions in the middle service. We are going to work to solve those issues.

2- We joined two new partners to our marketing team. We had a long meeting on our marketing road map. Our new partners are working on our new marketing strategies.

3- We have finalized our first AMA date. We invite all of our community members to the RedRoom telegram group on 19th May, Wednesday at 05.00 PM UTC.

4- We made the payment and activated the waterfall

Dear PandaDEX Community,

  1. From this day, our investors are able to buy $SPANDA tokens on pancakeswap V2 pool. We encourage you to buy using this pool from now on.
  2. In the next 48 hours, we invite you to buy $SPANDA tokens from the marketing wallet to add more liquidity to the V2. The team already bought and added 30BNB ($20,345)LP to the V2 liquidity pool on pancakeswap. Please contact admins if you’d like to participate in this opportunity.
  3. As we mentioned before, we started our Audit process with team. The first drafts of our audit came today, and we…

After working day and night for weeks, we came to the presale stage. We want to talk about what we have achieved and what we want to do.

Seed Sale:
We completed the seed sale 4 days ago with success. We shared with early investors and community members who trusted us. We allocated these investments again to develop the Pandadex platform and to use it in early marketing efforts.

SuperDrop event:
We prepared a big airdrop event; we made agreements with big twitter and telegram accounts to develop our community and announce early sales to wider masses. On Reddit, we climbed…

We are very ambitious developers, designers and investors who are completely serious about building actual utilities on the Binance Smart Chain.

With the help of SuperPanda we going to solve the problems on Binance Smart Chain. We are planning to build an echo system around this token. Our first project is PandaDEX which will be fast and unique in its kind.

About SuperPanda Token

Superpanda is a deflationary currency on the BSC network. There will never be more Superpanda in circulation than there is now. Every time a transaction takes place with $Spanda, 4% of that transaction is to be distributed among every…


SuperToken that saves the BSC Universe

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