1- We listed Coinmarketcap! We entered the trending list on Coinmarketcap from the top

2- Coingecko is on the way. We already made the payment to the agency

3- Our holder number increase to 2000! 🎉

4- We are hiring a social media expert for the team for consistent posts…

Gorilla: Can you guys briefly explain a bit about yourself and what you backgrounds are?
SuperPanda Yes for sure, we were passionate investors on BSC. We always wanted to contribute to this network. But it took some time to find the best project option. When we found this idea, we…

1- Our software team managed to extract and filter the first datas, but we are having some issues with disruptions in the middle service. We are going to work to solve those issues.

2- We joined two new partners to our marketing team. We had a long meeting on our…

Dear PandaDEX Community,

  1. From this day, our investors are able to buy $SPANDA tokens on pancakeswap V2 pool. We encourage you to buy using this pool from now on.
  2. In the next 48 hours, we invite you to buy $SPANDA tokens from the marketing wallet to add more liquidity to…


SuperToken that saves the BSC Universe

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