AMA with RedRoom

6 min readMay 20, 2021


Gorilla: Can you guys briefly explain a bit about yourself and what you backgrounds are?
SuperPanda Yes for sure, we were passionate investors on BSC. We always wanted to contribute to this network. But it took some time to find the best project option. When we found this idea, we immediately started to work for it! I’m an architect actually :)
MrPanda Hi, Im UX /Product designer working for global companies Im mostly experience in SAAS and startups. Long time crypto investor and designer

Gorilla: So can you briefly explain what PandaDex is or what it will be :)
MrPanda: Pandadex is the starting point of our ecosystem actually, we are aiming to build products around SPANDA token. Pandadex is a chart system where you can track your wallet and tokens fast and with ease. We are trying to be minimal on design and fast on response. We make meetings every day with the devs to make this platform fast as possible.
We won't put banners and unnecessary buttons around which slows the page

Gorilla: I agree. I would say that one of the issues with BSC charting pages is the fact that it looks like a mess. Would you mind me sharing the UI screenshot, you shared with me? :)

Gorilla: Lets talk a bit about the benefits PandaDex holders would get. Why should people buy and hold their SPANDAs?

SuperPanda: With our features on PandaDEX, we are planning a burning strategy around our Ecosystem. When you buy SPANDA token you should know that the percentage of token you hold will continuously increase. That is going to have a great effect on token’s price

Gorilla: Can you tell us a bit about these burning mechanisms?. I find some of these coming features interesting and will definitely give the holder a great value :)

SuperPanda: For example, If you’d like to promote your project on Poo, you have to buy some poo coins. After that process you are going to sell that coins which you bought for promote. To promote on PandaDEX you have to share a burning transaction with us. That’s all. If you’d like to get benefits from PandaDEX features, you have to burn some Pandas :)

MrPanda: As I mention before we will have lot of features around SPANDA and most of them support our burn mechanism.
We have “Burnin Panda” feature where coin owners can list their coins and user vote for it for more exposure. We ask voters to burn SPANDA to vote. When this page is popular, lot of SPANDA going to burn

Gorilla: This one will definetly burn the supply. If you see how communities push for votes on coinlist with no real benefit for the project — Now imaging when the winners actually get something out of it.

SuperPanda: Yes that’s the point! Imagine a community with 3000+ members, that would like to vote their coin on The Burning Panda. They all are going to buy SPANDAs and they are going to burn them! If anyone has billions of SPANDA for the moment, They should imagine what will happen after 2 or 3 months

Gorilla: I can imagine project trying to win the votes. But to be able to vote, they have to buy Panda and burn them. Definetly something holders of Pandas gonna enjoy. Seing supply decrease and value go up. Constant buying pressure
SuperPanda: Yes and we are always going to show how many SPANDAs have been burned

Gorilla: So, when is this fully platform expected to be released :)
SuperPanda: 2 devs are working fulltime on this platform. On today’s meeting we had a great new from them. For the moment we have the fast and clean data for our beta version.Now they are working to create our own feed for chart. So we can talk about ‘days’ to release our beta version. We just want to be sure that everything goes smooth

Gorilla: When people realise what PandaDEX is, they will definitely buy and hold!
So do you guys have a plan on how to capture marked share from the compitetion out there

SuperPanda: Our team is growing day by day. We invited 2 professionals to our marketing team. We always said that the best marketing for our project is our product. After we release it, the real marketing will start!
Mr.Panda: We are building supporting products, like telegram bots, and additional secret features :) people will want to use our products
Gorilla: What kind of bots?
SuperPanda: We are going to create a price bot on telegram. As we will share this bot with good projects. We aren’t thinking to sell it. Maybe we can add a holder limitation to eliminate them. And this is going to help us to share to the people what PandaDEX is. We don’t think to have advertisements on those channels. We are going to only promote PandaDEX on those channels.
Gorilla: The thing is, when you have a product people use, — U can charge Pandas for whatever, even advertisements that will hit all bots.

Gorilla: So lets talk a bit about tokenomics.

What is the supply, was there a presale and who are the top holders (for those who is to lazy to read the audit)
SuperPanda: The total supply is 1 trillion SPANDAs. We sold 100 billions SPANDAs on seedsale to our early investors.
Gorilla: how much bnb raised ? :)
SuperPanda: The price was 1bnb for 1billion SPANDAs. It was a great opportunity. Congrats to our early investors :) And the presale was on Unicrypt. 100 billions SPANDAs have been sold in minutes. The price was 1bnb for 666.666.666 SPANDAs. And we burned 310billion SPANDAs till today

Gorilla: So lets talk a bit about the future:) When release of Beta, what is the plans hereafter? and do you have further plans on how to expand the network?
Mr.Panda: We made a meeting with dev today, data table and flow is coming great. We hired our own servers which will boost this speed even further. Mapping for feed the graph is started it needs some time, its not hard but time consuming. We are thinking to open alpha to some of our users to test the platform. We going to keep improving and open to all suggestions. Also we lock some of our tokens for further needs. Mostly for exchange listing liquid
SuperPanda: We are going to prepare huge burning panda events also

Gorilla: So to recap for the community. Because we are coming to an end.

  • PandaDEX aims at making a more useful and better looking UI platform.
  • PandaDEX is not another animal meme token, therefor the rebranding.
    The platform will include several burning mechanism example: A coinlist where people buy votes with pandas, that gets burned (Keep in mind coinlist has several thousands votes pr. day)
  • PandaDex will build a faster charting using their own servers
  • PandaDex will build price bots for projects for free — slowly attract a bigger audience.

All in all, if this comes to light — It is Poocoin/Dextool on steroids.

Do you guys have any last words you want to share with our community? And are you willing to stay for a few question if there is any?

SuperPanda: A strength of a good project comes from a strong community. We are building the foundation of it now. And I’m inviting everyone to join our beautiful community. Good days are waiting for us ^^

MrPanda: Thanks for having us, we are working hours to bring this product to life. We believe without community even best product cant survive for long, so luckily we have some great holders and community. we are waiting new members to join us in this early stage