Dear PandaDEX Community,

  1. From this day, our investors are able to buy $SPANDA tokens on pancakeswap V2 pool. We encourage you to buy using this pool from now on.
  2. In the next 48 hours, we invite you to buy $SPANDA tokens from the marketing wallet to add more liquidity to the V2. The team already bought and added 30BNB ($20,345)LP to the V2 liquidity pool on pancakeswap. Please contact admins if you’d like to participate in this opportunity.
  3. As we mentioned before, we started our Audit process with team. The first drafts of our audit came today, and we proudly say that besides the only 2 small things (missing mail, 1 javascript error) on our website, everything is cool with our project! We are going to share our final audit report very soon!
  4. About PandaDEX, our software developer team made great progress with filtering the data which came from BSC Network and passing it to the data table. In 2–3 days, we plan to integrate these data into our UI and test these features.
  5. Super Panda is evolving! We decide to give a better look (maybe more handsome) to our Super Hero. We made an agreement with a great design team for this task. On Friday, the first drafts are coming!
  6. is going to be completely renewed. We are working on the new UI design. The new webpage is coming soon!
  7. We released the first teaser of on our Youtube Channel.
  8. We already bought 7 different domains involves PandaDEX. Including,,,,,,

Stay safe,

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