Fastest Charts on the BSC Universe! PandaDEX Launched!

2 min readJun 10, 2021


Dear Panda Lovers!

We are stealth launched and live on beta now for 5 days. First, we shared the very first version with our Telegram Community. The reason for this is to check the PandaDEX connections and bugs. We are aiming bug-free and %100 correctly working product at the end. We see that this worked well as we found some crucial bugs along the way, which can only be found with high user numbers.

Our investors were testing the PandaDEX for the past 5 days and gave great feedback to improve our product. As a result, we are planning to increase user number gradually and stress test some features on the way.

Since we launched, PandaDEX has been used across 6 continents and 63 countries so far. (without any marketing)

Development Update:

1- Fixed bug which causes increased loading time, now it takes less time to see buy&sells

2- Fixed long candle bug; now they are showing properly

3- Implemented analytics; now we see users around the world who are using the PandaDex!

4- Liquidy v1, v2, and Marketcap implemented and properly showing the right numbers.

More will come!

Stay safe,

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