How it went on the first 30 days of the PandaDEX Beta?

2 min readJul 4, 2021


Dear Panda Lovers!

In this period, when the market is going through challenging days, we continue to work hard in the background to turn this gloomy atmosphere into an advantage for PandaDex. In comparison, our developer team continues to develop PandaDex in the background and recreate some of the troublesome parts. We aim to create a resource that can provide data to different projects while optimizing our platform to work in the best way to serve the user with the work done in the background. We are going to have great surprises for SuperPanda Token holders ^^

We hope you like our new stickers ^^

It’s been 30 days since we released PandaDex, and the usage data of our platform makes us happier day by day. We are proud to say that our beta version has been visited more than 10,000 times in more than 100 countries so far. We want to reiterate that our platform is still in the testing phase and is being improved daily.

11K visits from 3,1K users
Top 7 countries which Pandadex get visited.

Our new social media team is actively trying to reach new users on Twitter, Facebook and Tiktok. If you are still not following us on these platforms, you know what to do :)

We held our first giveaway event on Twitter, and we were delighted with the requests we received. We are planning to make this event continuously. Wouldn’t you be happy to see a new PandaDex giveaway event every week? ^^

Our First Giveaway announcement.

Development Updates:

1- Set up a backend for processing transactions and price information efficiently.

2- Set up our own node on the same cloud as the backend service for real-time information regarding transactions on BSC.

3- Rebuild frontend with a modern stack to improve speed and security for upcoming features.

More will come!

Stay safe, be SUPER!

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