Pre-Sales, Marketing and the Future

  • We certainly did not sell tokens to anyone, although there were people who wanted to buy them when the Whitelist expired.
  • We did not allow anyone to buy more than 2 BNB worth of tokens in seed sale and pre-sale.
  • As we mentioned above, we released the presale with Unicrypt, which is the most reliable platform. We also locked the liquidity for 1 year on the same platform. We have no possibility of removing liquidity.
  • We have locked team wallets for 1 year on .
  • Again, we locked 200 billion coins on for 3 months. We decided to keep them in reserve if there is a need to enter another exchange and provide liquidity in the future. We want you to know that we have big plans for the future.
  • There is only 1 wallet left for marketing that we already start using to pay for our very successful campaigns. We still talking with big youtube channels for more exposure.
  • We will burn all remaining tokens after the pancake liquidity is safely provided.




SuperToken that saves the BSC Universe

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SuperToken that saves the BSC Universe

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