Weekly Report-3

  • We moved the pandadex.io domain address to Cloudflare. Pro account was rented in this way;
  • Content management panel implemented
  • Waf web application firewall installed.
  • Mobile optimization was provided. It was established in a responsive structure.
  • Docker and docker-compose installations were provided on the server.
  • Web projects are connected to the MySQL PHPMyAdmin panel for platforms.
  • Cybersecurity steps for IP ban Location zone ban were made. Firewall setups were set up with honeypot traps and added DDoS mitigation.
  • Bitquery API service has been purchased for pancakeswap data. Integration has been provided.
  • BSCscan explorer API is connected for live data.
  • A business partnership was established with the trading view. Data feeds were written on Github.




SuperToken that saves the BSC Universe

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SuperToken that saves the BSC Universe

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